thankful for the blessings

Small blessings can be found every day, but often we overlook them. We are busy, distracted and sometimes don’t feel well. Yet there are moments of glorious events in nature, life and our surroundings. These moments can be very up-lifting if we open our eyes and heart to the beauty and goodness that presents itself. Let us work hard to be on the lookout for the blessings in each moment. May we strive to appreciate the people who bring love and light to everyone they meet.

It’s easy to coast though life and miss the blessings each day brings. It’s convenient to be plugged in to technology that saps our energy and motivation to be thankful for the most precious moments. We can mindlessly coast through all of our days, never aware nor caring about the precious things we have missed. Is that what we want?

When our day is done, are we thankful for the splendid moments? When the old year is over and the new year begins, are we thankful for the glorious moments ?¬†When we are old, do we cherish the splendid moments that brought us happiness? Are we regretful we we didn’t focus on the things and people we love most when we are old and alone?

Now is the time to discover and nourish our blessings, to be focused and dedicated with a loving heart so we can fill our encyclopedia with the blessings of life. An empty book contains nothing, no one wants their life to be something that is not recorded in the memories of their loved ones. Let us have no regrets, cling to our blessings, share our blessings and hold on to the precious moments that makes life worth living.

Good Friends

treasure good friends

Good friends are people we meet who unconditionally share fellowship and radiate genuine feelings of interest, love, and concern for us. Good friends always inspire, always trust, and always respect who we are. Good friends are some of our greatest gifts who remain by our side as we struggle with trials and tribulations. Good friends are people like you, who bring forth goodness from their heart to fortify our spirit and enhance our relationship with all that exists. Treasure good friends, for they will endure when others flee.