Inspiration Fails Without Motivation

Inspiration is nothing without motivation. We get sidetracked with procrastination, excuses, and laziness thus never following through with motivation. Inspiration and motivation must work together if goals are to be accomplished.

Inspiration and motivation are huge reasons for the success of the human race. Everyone enjoys the things we have today because someone was inspired and motivated to follow through with results. Without the duality of inspiration and motivation we would cease to exist. Our world would be one of emptiness because without inspiration and motivation working together, nothing can be accomplished. Lets start with inspiration and although we may be inspired we often fail to follow through with motivation due to negative choices. Then lets add motivation and see how inspiration becomes a reality.

Inspiration is a feeling of exaltation from a source which can prompt actions to achieve success. Inspiration by itself cannot accomplish anything, For example, we can be inspired to see the sun rise. However, if we are not motivated to get out of bed to capture the sunrise, we will miss it. Perhaps we can be inspired by a great speech, but if we are not motivated to act on the inspiration in the speech, nothing is accomplished. We can be inspired to lose weight, but if we are not motivated to reduce calories, change our diet, and exercise, nothing happens. The reason nothing happens is because procrastinating, excuses, and laziness becomes the easy way out of accomplishing a goal verses putting time and effort into achieving a goal. Lets take a look at how procrastinating, excuses, and laziness derails inspiration.

Procrastinating is putting off a goal due to a lack of motivation. Some contributing factors of procrastination are, lack of interest and an unwillingness to put forth the effort to accomplish a goal. Implementing an inspiration requires facts, effort, and determination. If we allow those traits to fade they can sabotage any progress toward success. Fear of failure can also contribute to procrastinating. Pouring resources and energy into an inspiration which results in failure can dampen ones spirit to proceed further. Lets not forget that many people have become successful through failures by never giving up.

Excuses are quite easy to manifest in order to justify laziness over motivation. Excuses and laziness are a deliberate effort which reflects a lack of initiative to accomplish an inspiration. Excuses and laziness are a conscious commitment to live life uneventful, unsuccessful, and uninspired. Some folks are happy to sit back and let others inspiration and motivation be a catalyst for them to coast through life accomplishing nothing meaningful and contributing nothing worthwhile. Although excuses or laziness may seem ideal and one may ride someones coat tail for a while, no one should count on others to bring success to one who is not motivated. Excuses and laziness becomes a contributing factor which leads to depression, dependency, and woe is me. The way out begins with realizing that in order to be motivated a person must take responsibility for their actions and for their environment. By doing so, one becomes motivated to improve there life. Nothing will get accomplished when inspiration is not followed with motivation.

To live an uninspired life is frankly due to lack of motivation. If one has trouble being motivated I suggest looking at life around you. Many people have unfortunate afflictions which prevent them from doing what you are capable of achieving. Yet others with disabilities and disadvantages may accomplish great feats through inspiration and motivation. We can look in every direction where folks are inspired and accomplishing their dreams. How can any able bodied individual be uninspired and unmotivated to live a happy, successful life? Do not be left behind in misery, self pity, or the need to get attention by procrastinating, by making excuses, or being lazy. This will only lead to resentment from others and an unwillingness to help those who do not show the desire to be motivated.

Now lets add motivation to inspiration and see how dreams come true. Motivation is the eagerness and the catalyst which advances ones enthusiasm to follow through with actions which complete an inspiration. Motivation comes from an internal desire to act on an intrinsic need to realize an inspiration. We can be motivated by others, by the written word, or by our own internal fire. Motivation can come from competition, it can come from failure, or it can come from anything which causes us to act on an inspiration. Life has to have inspiration and motivation to survive. The minute we are born we begin our journey of inspiration and motivation which sustains our life. From learning how to walk to learning how to run, inspiration and motivation are present in all accomplishments and provides us with tangible results.

In order to be successful in life we must have balance, that balance often comes in pairs such as day and night, ebb and flow of the tide, action and reaction, and so on. That example of pairs applies to inspiration and motivation. They must be balanced and work together with each other in order for success to prevail. If you are truly inspired about something, be motivated enough to follow through with actions which accomplish your goal. We all leave many opportunities on the table which start with an inspiration and ends with no action at the doorstep. Do not leave inspirations behind, try to imagine how your life would improve if inspiration was followed with motivation and results.

The excitement of embracing inspirations and following through with motivation to accomplish our goals brings satisfaction which encourages happiness and success. We are capable of more than we realize, our actions can bring forth outstanding results. Our world, our friends, and our family desperately need examples of inspired and motivated people who accomplish great feats. Why not strive to seek inspiration in our life and be motivated to triumph in all we take on? The legacy we leave from our accomplishments has the ability to lift others up to levels they may not have realized. We will be measured by future generations on whether our inspiration and motivation propelled our life and our world to be a better place. Our life depends on each and everyone of us to march onward with steadfast determination to be inspired and motivated. We can all make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others by being inspired and motivated to improve the things we thought we could not change.

Always wishing you the best, it’s my sincere wish for each and every person.

Author: Steve

I believe what is spoken from the heart and soul speaks volumes about who we really are. When our heart and soul becomes overpowered by ego, anger, deception and insincerity, we often speak foolishly. If actions and words are not from our innermost being we are not who we want to be. I believe in speaking from the heart and soul, I've found most folks prefer genuine people. I encourage you to listen to your heart and soul, to speak of the things that have brought light and wisdom into your life. The topics I present are heartfelt and come from years of experience with life, research and common sense. I extend my sincere wishes for the best to come your way. Thank you God for uplifting traits within us all that brings out the best of who we are. I look forward to your comments.

One thought on “Inspiration Fails Without Motivation”

  1. I liked it, I thought it conveyed your point that inspiration requires motivation and inspiration can get sidetracked by not engaging the mind to act on inspiration.


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