Stay Informed, Don’t Lag Behind

Epic proportions of information are available for those who are driven to learn and stay engaged in society.

The multitude of information obtainable today is extraordinary. Never in our history have we had so much information available to us. Ancient rulers were able to control their followers through the flow of information. Only a few volumes of information were contained in the form of books which were closely guarded by a select few. Those select few were able to isolate libraries or destroy them for the sake of control over people. Today information is available in epic proportions and control over people is more challenging.

If we are not staying informed, we can expect a profound negative effect on our life. With so much information available it is easy to believe we have no need to learn because it’s all stored in a data bank where someone must have access, or somebody knows what is stored in the data bank. Why would we need to know about information if it is accessible when we need it? Accessing information only when its needed might be to late. Life is such a whirlwind that procrastinating about staying informed will leave us in the dust. Massive files are quickly created and expanded which demands swift action when making decisions. We cannot be uninformed about issues which affect our life. The ability to efficiently process information and to get engaged in the surge is a requirement to stay current.

It is accepted knowledge the average person uses only 10% of their mental capacity and a genius uses only 15%. Imagine our brain which has a potential of 100%, yet we use only 1/10 of that capacity. That is quite astounding considering there is 85% to 90% of our brain which is just idling. We have not even come close to discovering how to access and utilize that part of our brain which is idling. If we just commit to absorb one more percent of information we could become be better equipped to excel and make decisions. One percent does not sound like much, it would only require a little enlightenment, training, and the will to grow mentally.

We should never become complacent to the point where we are not in tune with the times. The information deluge is not going to slow down. Stay alert, stay focused, and stay interested or the collector of the heap which swiftly fades will come knocking at the door. We could depend on others to keep us informed, but in reality we can’t depend on anyone but ourself. Don’t let information overload be the reason to coast through life uninformed and unprepared. Why give someone the advantage because they are more informed? Make a commitment to learn something new each day, that is an easy task which requires minimum time and effort.

Author: Steve

I believe what is spoken from the heart and soul speaks volumes about who we really are. When our heart and soul becomes overpowered by ego, anger, deception and insincerity, we often speak foolishly. If actions and words are not from our innermost being we are not who we want to be. I believe in speaking from the heart and soul, I've found most folks prefer genuine people. I encourage you to listen to your heart and soul, to speak of the things that have brought light and wisdom into your life. The topics I present are heartfelt and come from years of experience with life, research and common sense. I extend my sincere wishes for the best to come your way. Thank you God for uplifting traits within us all that brings out the best of who we are. I look forward to your comments.

3 thoughts on “Stay Informed, Don’t Lag Behind”

  1. Excellent, Steve. Also thinking that we must assess critically the information we take in–is it credible, is it biased, and on and on…


    1. Great point Judy, you are right on. So much information flows from questionable sources , critical thinking is more important now than ever. Thank you for your comment.


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