Coffee With Steve

On this magnificent morning, a steaming cup of coffee came with a soothing aroma and a clear mind. Now is a great time for formulating thoughts for the days and weeks ahead. How will our time be spent? Can we make a difference? Can we give the gift of a smile and a hug? Can we forgive someone? Can we tell someone we love them. Will we find time to laugh? We may see and touch beautiful things, but the most precious of all must be felt. Thanks for the grace of being alive this glorious morning, a cup of coffee got me on track..

A Step With Steve

The best we have to offer comes from within where the totality of our finest traits are stored. It’s a place of purity, love, sincerity, peacefulness, and spirituality. The best is in our heart and soul which is always challenged by the worst from outside forces. Those forces constantly strive to overtake our ability to be in harmony with the goodness and order that surrounds us. When we are not in harmony, we emit vibes and expend energy that clashes with the natural harmonious order of all things. This clash creates unnatural interruptions and reactions in the natural flow of energy and order in our universe. These interruptions and reactions create issues within us and around us which threatens our spiritual, mental, and physical health. We know ourselves better than anybody, we know what must be done to be in harmony and radiate the type of energy that maximizes our best. Let us be the best person we are capable of and the best person we deserve to be.