Part One – Go To The Source Of The Problem

When a persons values and priorities are affected, there is a problem. It’s up to each individual to determine how important a problem is. If we are able to look beyond the moment and look at the big picture to determine if an issue is worth getting involved in, we are in a far better position to find resolution.

As promised a few days ago I have put together the first installment of an article titled, “Go To The Source Of The Problem”.  After delving into the topic of problems, I found a brief overview of problems was necessary before actually getting into “Go To The Source Of The Problem.  Problems as a topic is a huge bundle. Unbundling this required me to do a condensed two part series. I will  kick off Part One with a prelude to problems. This brief prelude to my article brings to light the fact that we all face problems each day. These problems are real, they must be addressed, and they are never ending.

Problems are guaranteed to pop up each day. They are all around us, some we can resolve and others are out of our control. Problems come in every form, each of us solves a myriad issues daily without much thought, they’re routine. The problems that make us think and occupy our mind are the ones that demand our time, energy, and resources to solve. These types of problems are the ones that can cause us a lot of duress.

We have all faced problems to some extent with many of the following issues: relationships, self image, being alone, health, work, personal business, stuck in a rut, financial matters,  difficult people, never enough time, being alone, depression, life is out of balance, lack of patience, electronic and technical overload, failure to listen, failure to communicate, responsibility without authority, parenting, people who work against you, and most anything which creates a dilemma for us or someone close to us. These daily problems stream their way into our life. They are the fuel that ignites our stressors which drains our happiness, peace, and energy.

The problem with problems is that they keep us from focusing on the joy of our life, family, and friends. There is nothing wrong with encountering problems, they are simply a fact of life. Remember, the same kind of thinking that created a problem will not work to solve the problem. It’s how we deal with problems that determines our happiness. Sometimes we create our own problems, that does not mean we are terribly flawed, it just means we are human.

We can look at someone else’s life and think wow, what a wonderful life they have, if only I had their life mine would be utopia. That is not true because even a person with a wonderful life encounters problems that can be overwhelming. Each person must manage their own life according to the problems they encounter.

Everyone has been introduced to problems at one time or another and life definitely has its ups and downs. It’s destined to be that way, that’s how we learn. Sometimes we are sad, other times we are elated, and once in a while we may find ourselves on an even keel where we enjoy windows in time when our problems seem to dwindle.

When a persons values and priorities are affected, there is a problem. It’s up to each individual to determine how important a problem is. If we are able to look beyond the moment and look at the big picture to determine if an issue is worth getting involved in, we are in a far better position to find resolution. Each day is another test and at the end of the day we must be able to reconcile our problems. When we are ready for bed, it’s nice to gently lie our head on the pillow and feel comfort and peace which comes from a clear mind.  Acknowledging and resolving our problems which robs our sleep will give us the best possible chance for sound rest. Oh to be free of problems that nagged us during the day.

Problems are either resolved, unresolved, ignored, or festering and that is the body of my next installment in a few days, Part Two of  “Go To The Source Of The Problem”.

May your blessings be many and your problems be few.


Stay focused, stay positive, and keep moving in a direction which contributes to kindness. Quickly put distractions in the rear view mirror, move on with determination, and stay on course.

During the past few years I have posted many thoughts on FB and on my blog which personally came from within and from my experience with life, it’s easy anyone can do it. Some people are interested, others could care less. I would be very naive to think my opinions and experiences resonate with everyone. My intent is to build a story over time that relates to everyday occurrences in real life. For every good intentioned thought or point of view, there will always be a different perspective. Different perspectives are fine, they can ignite a change which results in positive growth, understanding, and revising an existing opinion if we are open minded.

Over the years I’ve come to accept that it is fine for people to have different opinions, after all they are entitled to them whether they fit my narrative or not. Besides, if we cannot fathom anyones’s opinion except our own, we will travel a path which leads to a narrow tunnel. We become stuck in that tunnel and unwilling to budge. Each person is responsible for the actions they initiate in their life, and everyone has the freedom of choice. It’s how we choose to implement choices that determines our progression in life and thereafter.

Differences of opinion help define our world, they can steer misguided thoughts and actions in a positive direction or they can be misguided and create discord if encouraged.  Our voyage through life is filled with agreements and disagreements. Differences are a way of life, they are bound to happen on a daily basis, that’s just the way the world operates.  If one believes whole heartedly in a concept, step forward and defend it in a rational manner.

Stay focused, stay positive, and keep moving in a direction which contributes to kindness. Quickly put distractions in the rear view mirror, move on with determination, and stay on course. Opinions will come and go, some peoples mind cannot be changed regardless of facts. Yet others are open enough to modify their opinions based on facts. Keep your family and friends close regardless of their opinions because the love for each other far outweighs anyones opinion.

Now Is The Time

Lord, when we are feeble and frail, let us be able to reflect and know we did some good. Let us not look back and wish we did something when we did nothing.

Who doesn’t dream of living a long life, particularly after retirement? Everyone does, especially if that long life includes health and happiness. Unfortunately many people do not realize their dream due to physical maladies which wreak havoc on the body. They worked so hard for those they loved. Life is so very precious, we have the opportunity to make today a little better than yesterday whether we are still working or retired.

Retirement is embraced with great anticipation when we face challenging days on the job. If we are fortunate to be retired, we recall the days which summoned all of our patience and skills to survive the drama surrounding working with others. We dream about how nice it would be to wake up each morning knowing we are the ones in charge of managing our time. What a wonderful feeling of freedom to rise at the break of day and realize this day is my day, I choose what I accomplish today. We survived, and we are retired.

Anytime is a good time, but retirement is a perfect time to call upon our strengths to make the world a better place for everyone. If there is some small deed we can do to resolve an issue or to make life better for others, now is the perfect time to step up to the plate. We are retired, we have time, we have resources, we have experience, we have what it takes to help others. Our time can be filled with good works and making ourself useful to others. What is the point of living through many decades if we can’t see the world was made better because of something nice we did?

God knows we all long for freedom from a daily job and he knows we need his help. We should ask for Gods help to guide us in a direction that grants us the knowledge to spend our time wisely so that we are a blessing to others. Lord, when we are feeble and frail, let us be able to reflect and know we did some good. Let us not look back and wish we did something when we did nothing. Now is the time, for retirement has brought us the wisdom to share our knowledge, love and ability to help others.

No Time To Waste

We don’t have a moment to waste on doing nothing when we should be doing something.

Ready, set, go, we are born into the human race and the finish line will come quicker than we think. In the meantime we can manage our time and grow each day with wisdom, we can experience something small each day that enlighten’s us. These small revelations bring discovery, joy, and peace to our life. A huge key for our life to progress in a favorable manner is learning from mistakes, from accomplishments, from elders, from youngsters, from theologians, and from other honorable sources. As long as we are alive we can never give up, we must learn. Nobody wants to suffer failure and decline from lack of knowledge or from lack of motivation to keep all of our  bodily systems functioning at an optimal level. There is no time to waste.

We can easily understand that it does not matter how old we are or how much we achieve in life, we must continue to manage our life and be engaged in life. Sometimes it takes determination and courage to constantly try new concepts, but that is exactly what must be done in order to progress. We were destined to learn the day we were born till the day we come to the finish line. Time seems slow or swift depending on age, either way it must be managed and not ignored if progress is to be made. When we reach the age where we make our own choices, we either go up, stall, or go down. We can gain all the tools to manage life’s timetable by following  the righteous path. If we challenge ourself we are bound learn, we are bound to make life better. A moment wasted is a moment that could have made a difference in our life or someone else’s life. Manage time wisely, the alternative is simply decline. Time belongs to us, even those who have nothing, have time. Once you’ve lost it, you can not get it back. We don’t have a moment to waste on doing nothing when we should be doing something. Time is not to waste, unless nothing is expected.

Overuse Of The Exclamation Point Hits Epidemic Proportions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An exclamation point is used to emphasize a vigorous event or commanding revelation. I begrudgingly accept that, its overuse has resulted in nothing more than just another punctuation mark or a broken nail pounded with a jackhammer at the end of any sentence.

The obsessive overuse of the exclamation point on social media and writing has become an epidemic. It has evolved into an obsession to emphatically over emphasize ordinary circumstances. An exclamation point has become mundane, misused, overused, and unexcitable. It is often misunderstood and seems interchangeable with other forms of punctuation. I openly admit I am not a professional writer nor an English major and I make mistakes in grammar frequently. However, I have a good understanding of when to use the exclamation point correctly. A basic understanding of grammar should be sufficient to digest the proper use of the exclamation point. We all have that basic understanding, right?

An exclamation point is used to emphasize a vigorous event or commanding revelation. It is used to indicate excitability and can offer great revelations when used properly. Its overuse has resulted in a rusted nail flattened with a jackhammer to drive home any point at the end of statements. Exclamation points are often used incorrectly and are even used to affirm emotions which have angry tones. Many people despise the exclamation point and immediately ignore expressions of statements which have a nail pounded at the end. At no point in the English language is it ever considered ideal to use multiple exclamation points after making a statement.!!!!!!!!!!  It creates a negative interpretation because of the repeated marks of nonsense some folks have adopted as proper grammer. When a point has been made, one exclamation point is sufficient. No useful purpose is served by adding multiple nails with an overwhelming g-force that flattens the keyboard. Multiple exclamation points exposes lazy vocabulary skills. There are a multitude of word choices available to drive home a point without using an exclamation point.

Feuding with one who has ended their statement with an emphatic exclamation point quite often begins a volley of exchanges. This can quickly escalate into quarreling or combative words that are impulsive rapid fire rants. Slow down, think about what needs to be said or written without the emphatic sledge hammer at the end of a statement. Composing a rational viewpoint which limits the possibility for turbulent exchanges and minimizes misinterpretations may take some time and diligent thought. Draft a sentence or thought that can initiate an exchange of ideas which are mutually acceptable to each party and omit the exclamation at the end. The outcome will result in a willingness to engage in understanding each others viewpoints and contribute to a well thought out volley of words. We want our viewpoints recognized, so minimize the use of the nail, it rarely garners an exchange of words which contributes to civility and understanding.

Concise, honest, and compassionate writing along with prudent conversation helps cultivate the groundwork for humanity. Writing and speaking skills are a means of expressing our resourcefulness for ideas and a means to showcase our grammar. If one must use an exclamation point, do so in a manner that reflects excitability, civility, or in a way that transitions a persons attention to an urgent matter and please one explanation point at the end is enough. The command of our English language has been hijacked by texting, using numbers for words, using individual letters for entire words, acronyms, and twisting of words. We have steadily slipped into the depths of limited vocabulary, limited knowledge of proper sentence structure, general withdrawal from proper english, and limited writing skills. Don’t be lazy with grammar, be creative, resist the urge to pull the exclamation point out of the tool box because there are many other tools that can be used to drive home a statement.

Steve Cowgar

The Corrector And The Know It All

Habitual Correctors look for the slightest miscue to pounce on to assert their dominance with a gotcha moment in front of peers. Others can be Know It Alls who vehemently insist their perspective is the only way. These types of operatives are not pleasant and look at others as being unable to formulate anything that comes close to their intelligence.

Enter the constant Corrector of every perceived or real miscue a person makes and enter the Know It All who always has a better perspective on everything. We all know them, we have all been exposed to them. We do not and should never pretend to know it all.  Many of us are not professional authorities on everything with the exception of a few distinguished individuals who I have yet to meet. Our principles are usually based on our life experiences and our current understanding of what we are trying to convey.  It is possible to convey the wrong message, but to spring into action with constant interruptions, name calling, rudeness, or other attacks which assert superiority is unnecessary. Sometimes critique can be quite helpful and enlightening when done with compassion, other times not so much, especially when it is forceful or quarrelsome. The Corrector and the Know It All they are so full of themselves, their ego bursting of superiority, their facial expressions contorted like a clown. Why do we put up with them?

Habitual Correctors look for the slightest miscue to pounce on you, they assert their dominance with a gotcha moment in front of your peers. Others can be Know It Alls who vehemently insist their perspective is the only way. These types of operatives are not pleasant to be around and they look at others as being unable to formulate anything that comes close to their intelligence. Their mission is to assert control and belittle a person to the point of rudeness, disrespect, and sometimes to the point of violence? The Corrector and the Know It All are nauseating when they declare their way is the only way. Being full of arrogance and holding on to a sense of superiority over others vehemently interferes with the ability to be reasonable or to have a balanced conversation. We have all seen abrasive and toxic personalities destroy friendships and quell any meaningful exchange of ideas. The constant Correctors and Know It Alls have always been around, but todays environment seems to promote and encourage aggressive tactics which ignores the principles of manners, respect, and honor. I have to wonder where on earth did these folks get the idea they are the only people on earth with the intelligence to know everything. They will fill a room with such arrogance that folks are turned off by their ignorance.

If one has witnessed or been the receiver of the pesky Corrector or Know It All, you understand it can be quite irritating and frustrating, yet it is liberating to know the high ground is available. The Correctors grunt with unending tirades of gotcha ya again and the arrogant Know It All rarely garners a compromise. Some of the best ways to deal with such behavior is to take a breath and quickly think about the meaning of life. The questions are, will this be a situation where I can bring some enlightenment, or are they bringing enlightenment which needs to be considered, is this a situation that is headed for no resolution? What will be the effect this Corrector or Know It All inflicts on me and is it worth getting caught up in? It’s ok to graciously excuse yourself from situations that became invasive, abrasive, and forceful. On the other hand, if a person is wrong and gets corrected or enlightened responsibly, there is no shame in willingly admitting a mistake.

There is no reason to become a victim to the Corrector or the Know It All who siphons the life out of everyone they come in contact with. Move on quickly and summons your spirituality, confidence, and strength to overcome remarks that forcefully seek to keep you under their spell. Meanwhile the Corrector and the Know It All revel in their superiority. They are one hundred percent convinced their assumed superiority is untouchable. Give them plenty of space, they will eventually end up in a vacuum where no friends exist. There will be no hot air for them to expel,  no wind to fill their lungs, nor an audience when they try to proclaim their victories.

Life is a continuing education, however some folks believe they know it all, they never progress past their ingrained ideologies. Most of us learn something different with each new dawn and incorporate that into our life, some don’t and that’s another story. I believe the majority of people have balanced conversations and exchange ideas in a respectful manner. There is no data available that confirms any of us get to the point where we are so perfect that we are ordained to constantly correct all miscues. We never reach the point of being the perfect all knowing Know It All.  We are the ones in control of how we choose to react to situations that challenge our patience and perspective on anything. Never give anyone control of your values, morals, and honor because they will gobble you up like a vulture and leave the leftovers for the worms.

If a person calmly and reasonably states their case, they are bound to come out on top. Personal attacks rarely change opinions or generate camaraderie. Consider not responding further when attacks become overbearing, stick to your guns because the more a person continues the conversation, the Corrector and the Know It All will find an avenue to respond. If a person feels the need to correct or impart knowledge upon another, gently correct, do it wisely, do it with love, and please no explanation points are needed.

Feel free to correct me and if anyone knows it all, I would love to meet you. Never present yourself to be more than who your are, never be less than who you are, just be yourself.

Steve Cowgar

We Are More Than Just A Physical Body

We frequently look at our bodies as something that is physical, solid, observable, and perceptible.  If this is the case, how do we explain our will, our mind, and our spirit?

The overwhelming belief that our physical body projects who we are to ourself and to others is a total misunderstanding of who we really are. There is nothing on this earth we know better than ourself which should be all inclusive and not just a physical body. Many people worship the body they see in a mirror, completely ignoring the internal functions powered by God which sustains our life. Our physical body does not propel itself without an inner engine. It’s the inner workings of God which ignites all functions of the physical being we see in the mirror.

We look at our bodies as something physical, solid, observable, and perceptible. If this is how we see ourself, did we forget to consider our mind, will and emotions? Think for one moment of a living body and then an expired body, what propels life and energizes the body to function? When a body expires, it is physically present but there is nothing inside to sustain it. This empty vessel is not who we were, the divine energy that powered the body has escaped.  Although the expired body is present, it is incomplete and it would be unwise to consider only our physical body. A living body is fully functional both outwardly and internally. A live person is full of divine energy which propels life and determines who we really are.

Lets think of our mind as an infinite source of actions, ideas, and functions which come from God. These are internal forces powered by God that cannot be processed by our five senses. The internal mechanisms of God determine our actions that power the physical body, they must work together. Do not think for a minute that our physical body alone is who we are. It is our inner being,  the force of God, that brings forth the person we know. I consider it impossible to know the bounds of our body, mind, will, and emotions which work in harmony to give us the essence of life. The more we analyze ourself, the more we realize our external body is not who we are.  We begin to understand our physical appearance and actions are just a vehicle for our inner mechanisms which are orchestrated by God. We put so much emphasis on our external body that we totally neglect the infinite power of the mind which is of God and guides the operations of the physical body.

While our internal body runs the external body, we cannot afford to completely ignore our physical body, that would be a disaster. Examining and being fully aware of our outward appearance and presentation is a good starting point to discover the magnificence of God. Our existence can be modified by changing our eating habits, pursuing our spirituality, and by committing to exercise along with everything that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. This enhances the performance of our body, mind, will, and emotions. When we liberate ourself from the dilemmas we associate with our physical body, we are in a better position to be in touch with God.

Our quest to discover the potential of our mind, will and emotions should never be over run by our desire for the perfect physical body. It is important to maintain the body to ensure our engine fires properly, but putting all of our focus on the physical body ignores the potential for all of our systems to be balanced, in harmony, and to grow exponentially to achieve our true potential in life and with God. The realization that our inner fire controls the external flame is a good step to becoming a person who is at peace with their true self.

Everything in existence has an internal component that determines its external appearance and actions. Our body is no different, we have the divine power in us that sets in motion all the functions that power our life. Our external body is nothing without the internal component that brings our life force into the physical realm. If a person strives to keep their body in good condition and nourishes their heart and soul with the goodness of God’s word, consider yourself a wise person because your internal engine will guide your physical body with the utmost care.

Steve Cowgar