The days come and go, the years creep up on us like a shooting star streaking swiftly across the sky, so fast it’s gone in a blink. Time is measured according to the motion of all things which surround us. Our life is but a second compared to the boundless age of a universe. Yet we live like we are supreme, the masters of all, conquering anyone or anything which threatens our ability to be the controller of our own time and space. We believe if we are the conquers, we control destiny. Perhaps temporarily true, but not true in the long run. Because time is measured, we exert great effort to control it, but we cannot control the preset motion of time which has been ongoing since the beginning. Everything has an order in the realm of time, we are part of an order that has been ordained to go on forever, just not forever on earth. We are here in the present, let us live with the knowledge that every day brings different challenges and emotions that requires our time. It is how we negotiate our journey in this very limited time on earth that determines our destination for each day and for our life.

Because we measure time, we realize a beginning and an end, but everything in between is often a blur. Time exists, it is valuable and evident on the physical plane of earth. No matter what age we are, the forward motion of the clock continues. Sometimes it appears to go fast, other times it seems to stand still, but in the end it is never long enough. The forces of time are knocking on the door of each generation with a tick tock announcing, “I am measured, I have a beginning and an end, and when my measurement of your time runs out, you will physically cease to exist on earth.” The awareness that we do not control the forward motion of time emerges as a reality. It becomes imperative to make the most of each passing second, it can never be rewound for a redo. Most successful people have found ways to use time usefully. Unsuccessful people waste time, they are unmotivated and rarely finish projects, much to the annoyance of others.

We are born to accomplish as much as we can in our lifetime. Being efficient plays a huge role with time management. The more efficient we are, the more we can contribute to future endeavors. The last minute is not the time to complete a task that required forgiveness, research, creativity and facts. Time will wait for no one, manage it wisely and make the most of every moment whether that be a much needed rest or surge of productivity.

A Life Well Lived

There is an answer to the torment which threatens to envelop our life. We are spiritual beings, capable of more goodness than we can fathom. Let no one encourage you to become anything other than a spiritual being capable of connecting directly with God through Christ our Lord.

Rest, relaxation, acknowledging and accepting the truth will bring healing to our bodies and mind. All negativity, and hurtful burdens of the body, mind and soul comes from the bottomless pit which is ablaze with torment, agony, and misery.

There is an answer to the torment which threatens to envelop our life. We are spiritual beings, capable of more goodness than we can fathom. Let no one encourage you to become anything other than a spiritual being capable of connecting directly with God through Christ our Lord. We can tune ourselves to ask and receive new and amazing guidance from God by freeing ourselves from the earthly bondage which seeks to keep us occupied with greed, hatred, and deception. Physical and material acquisitions will eventually leave us unfulfilled and unhappy, devoid of the true meaning of life. We must be able to forgive and love and be inspired by our spirit to seek new and noble heights that are worthy of a life well lived. If we get derailed, we must get back on track and persevere. We can never give in to the temptation of giving up or waiting to be rescued by someone else, for that can become a great hinderance to a prosperous life.

When we are young, time seems to last forever. When we grow old, we realize just how fast time passes. Our pursuit to make the most of each day becomes more and more of a priority. We do not have time to waste, no matter what age we are. The urgency to be in harmony and balance with all that surrounds us must come from within. The answers to all that exists, and all that was and all that will be comes from God Almighty. We can make new beginnings and reach unimaginable heights if we seek truth and acceptance of the Word of God. If I had to pick three points of focus that exemplifies a glorious life, I would pick God, truth, and faith.

Happiness is the result of a life well lived. Life is a gift which gives us the opportunity to show love, kindness and strength throughout our journey. A life well lived is a life with no regrets. Keep life in order, manage the events you face each day with positive actions. Don’t wait until it’s to late to make amends for past mistakes.

Todays Sunset Brings Tomorrows Hope

Today draws to a close with the sun gently slipping below the western horizon signaling that peace must come for a restful night. Our world becomes aglow with the light of the shimmering moon, we drift deeply into the realm of sleep. Our yesterdays fill us with memories, with rest and shelter, health and food, love for family and friends, and with everything that our Creator authored. Our day has passed, we can never physically live yesterday again. Catalogue yesterday and close the file.

A fresh day is on its way filling the dawn with a glimmer in the east. Today we open a new file and fill it with love and new beginnings. The glorious sunrise awakens a new day of hope, opportunity, and new starts. Each unique sunrise holds a promise to shed light upon the earth and its inhabitants. The sun rises for everyone to begin anew, no human owns the sun or determines who it will shine on. This new day starts for everyone with serenity and a chance for worthy remembrances for tomorrow. What a blessing to be in the land of the living and offer thanks for the precious privilege of being alive. This is a perfect time to open our mind connect with God. Our grateful heart is a magnet that can attract and carry out unbelievable miracles each new day. If we can offer only one prayer, let it be thank you Lord for today.

Steve Cowgar

Valentines Day, Love is Eternal

This Valentine’s Day we celebrate with the ones we love, and loved ones who have passed which are forever etched in our mind. The significance of love cannot be discovered by ourself, love must be discovered with another person. Without love, what is our purpose? Our natural calling is love, our character is not measured by how much we love, it is measured by how much we are loved by others. Love is a representation of eternity. It can erase any connection to time and all worries about an expiration of time on earth. The minutes and hours can be idle for those who procrastinate, to great for those who mourn, to little for those who celebrate. Love puts life together and the joy in our heart. Love was not the words you whispered to me, it was your words that whispered into my heart. Who among us could be poor if we are loved? For those who love, time is never ending.

Coffee With Steve

On this magnificent morning, my steaming cup of coffee came with a soothing aroma and a clear vantage point at my kitchen window opened into the beauty of today. Now is a great time for formulating thoughts for the days and weeks ahead. How will my time be spent? Can I make a difference? Can I give the gift of a smile and a hug? Can I forgive someone? Can I tell someone I love them. Will I find time to laugh? I may see and touch beautiful things, but the most precious of all must be felt. Thanks for the gift of being alive this glorious morning, a cup of coffee to starts my day.

A Step Forward With Steve

A step forward is an affirmation of ones desire to help and offer their best abilities to accomplish a goal. The best we have to offer comes from within where the totality of our finest traits are stored. It’s a place of purity, love, sincerity, peacefulness, and spirituality. The best is in our heart and soul which is always challenged by the worst from outside forces. Those forces constantly strive to overtake our ability to be in harmony with the goodness and order that surrounds us. When we are not in harmony, we emit vibes and expend energy that clashes with the natural harmonious order of all things. This clash creates unnatural interruptions and reactions in the natural flow of energy and order in our universe. These interruptions and reactions create issues within us and around us which threatens our spiritual, mental, and physical health. We know ourselves better than anybody, we know what must be done to be in harmony and radiate the type of energy that maximizes our best. Let us be the best person we are capable of and the best person we deserve to be. I will take the first step forward to be that person. Will you step forward or backward?

The New Year Bell Tolls, Out With the Old

I will meet you at the cusp of this New Year when the midnight bell tolls with a resounding echo reverberating over the land. The old year has ended, a New Year begins. Together we will take a giant leap into a new realm of opportunity bursting with new possibilities. With this new dawn comes hope that our New Year offers us the chance to proceed with a benevolent purpose to become a better person, to worship, chuckle, and thrive. We can make amends, touch someones heart, and pray for goodwill, all it takes is a little effort. This New Year is totally up to us to control our actions and reactions for the benefit of better relationships. Father Time propels the wheels of motion and has ushered in this New Year begging for new habits instead of old routines.

While mistakes of the past are not forgotten, we will not be controlled by troubles, regret, or anxiety. Auld lang syne saunters with us each step we take, but the present moment changes anything that happened in the past. Bygone days pester us to seek pity for opportunities we neglected, but this is the year for confidence and strength to conquer our failures. We will rise above our tormentors, they did not bring us happiness, we will let them go. Our ambitions will be commanded to make a new day with a new way. We will open a new book to fill it with love and memories worthwhile.

God be with us through and through, the New Year bell tolls for you. Gods blessings for the days ahead. May our conflicts be rare and may serene days fill our heart and soul. Let us share in humanity with compassion and understanding. God grant us the motivation for our friendships to flourish. The bell has tolled, we shall answer it with renewed enthusiasm for a Happy New Year and lots of love.

steve cowgar