Golden Christmas

With each passing year our destination draws near. The precious moments captured in the window of our soul warms our heart with all we’ve seen. Olden days of yesterday, golden days for the years ahead, that’s what we love.

I love to be with you this golden Christmas Day, our heart and soul filled with the gift of Jesus.

We are blessed this evening to stroll by the ocean, a gentle breeze, waves methodically reaching the distant shore. The solemn sandy beach is empty, our day fading with the sitting sun. The shadows cast their form, the daylight hours fade away. An evening chill has settled in, our hearts grow tender with memories of yore, of gifts and love. The troubles flee, they are cast adrift miles away, no worries, only glee. Our faithful family and friends forever in our heart, loved ones of times gone by tucked beautifully in our minds.

I’m holding you tight this Christmas evening my love, side by side we are cradled together, two souls are one. There is no better place, no better time, and no better love than you, my darling. With each passing year our destination draws near. The precious moments captured in the window of our soul warms our heart with all we’ve seen. Olden days of yesterday, golden days for the years ahead, that’s what we love. We have each other dear, a treasure trove bursting with life.

This magnificent Christmas evening we are inseparable, rest must come, our day fulfilled. Goodnight my love, I’ll keep you close this golden Christmas night. May God bless you love with all the blessings you need. Tomorrow will come, we must believe.

steve cowgar

Courage and Faith Overcomes Challenges

We all have days when mustering courage to put one foot in front of the other seems impossible. Our ability to confront challenging circumstances can be compromised by inaction when we desperately need resolution. This is not necessarily a bad situation to be in. It brings us to the realization that the end of our tolerance has approached and we must summons our inner strength for answers. Even as our inner strength guides us to seek Divine help, our self doubt and misfortune tugs at our resolve to overcome misery. We may find it very challenging to let go of the things which cause us great despair and stalling to take any initiative to resolve issues kills our motivation to move forward. We have a choice of wallowing in agony, or moving forward with a degree of certainty.

We may not be able to completely resolve our problems. However, we must have faith that answers will come to encourage a change in our thinking about how we deal with any challenging circumstance. Our goal should always be toward improvement not absolute perfect resolution because many times there is no direct or perfect path to resolution. We have to find a way to be at peace while facing challenges. If we call upon our faith with humility, and desire Gods favor, possibilities and solutions will be available. As solutions come to us, we can begin to make small changes and adjust our route. We can take a step forward each day, putting distance between us and any circumstance that challenges our faith.

In order for us to exist and accomplish outstanding feats in our life, we must have faith. Any accomplishment in our life which came to fruition due to our actions had to be based on a dream, a belief, or a possibility that something could be accomplished. I call that dream, belief, or possibility, “faith.” When we reach a point where we simply find our circumstances unbearable, our faith in God to help us overcome difficult events will be the driving force which inspires us to move forward and thrive. The door to possibilities for new avenues of thought, resolution, and strength can open endless streams of Divine energy which can propel us to lofty heights. Faith will be our closest ally when we need help to overcome any obstacle we face. If we do not activate our faith, we will certainly fall victim to our dilemmas.

May the world be kind to us, may we be kind to the world, and may we all find happiness within our self and in each other.

Get Along or Squabble?

Marketeers and pundits desperately try to group us into neat little pods with different shells. Yet we are all unique, we can all do many things, we all have heart and sou

No one should be a brand or be cast as some kind of stereotype that instigates division. We are all people created from the same original mould. Marketeers and pundits desperately try to group us into neat little pods with different shells. Yet we are all of the human race, we can all do many wonderful things, and we all have heart and soul. Our ability to think for ourselves should give us the opportunity to understand we may be somewhat different with our thoughts and actions, but in essence we are all alike. The blatant intent of adversaries to create division, sometimes successfully, inflames us to the point of constant bickering among ourselves. We are all of one Creator, we were not derived from “many creators” who propagate different agendas and insist we should belong to different factions which must be at odds with each other all the time. Can we have differences? Of course we can. The true sign of unity is the ability to listen, respect, and love the one who demonstrates another perspective which does not mesh with ours. It is possible to get along with people, but it takes a lot of effort, understanding, and action.

We came from one Creator, not many creators. We shall return to one Creator, not many creators. Yet we squabble, yet we are unyielding, and yet we do not listen. Will I take some heat for this? Maybe – maybe not.

Actions Can Deceive

Life experiences can help overcome deceitful actions

A persons actions can fool us unless we have diverse experiences in life. If a person is boisterous we might think they are obnoxious, perhaps they are, but it is possible they might actually be nice. We might see a beautiful person who is shy and reserved, perhaps they are, but we could become content and be unaware of deceitful behavior which was used to exploit us. If we contact people with a closed mind, with little experience of a diverse life, and in a disrespectful or aggressive manner, they are likely to be very defensive and we may not realize the good traits within them.

The world is full of people who present them self exactly as they are, what you see is what you get. However the world is also full of deceitful people who mask their true self, what you see is not what you get.

We have a lot in common with animals, we use different tactics for our survival based on the outcome we want. Animals use many skills to deceive, such as camouflage, threatening vocal behavior, or a threatening pose. Humans are no different, they also pose many things through deception in order to leverage them self. Folks may proclaim lifelong bonds with friends if it benefits them, yet never return. People may guarantee many things, when actually they are looking for a way to take advantage of a situation.

Diverse experiences in life helps to clearly understand actions regardless of deceit. Always put yourself in the most beneficial position around others, or at least stay on equal ground. Be yourself, protect yourself, and see through the veil. Our experience in life is valuable to overcome the imposters who seek to deceive and take advantage of weakness or in some cases goodness. Live wisely, evaluate actions before choosing words, and know who you are dealing with.

The Goldenrod Proclaims Its Crown And The Bees Fulfill Their Mission.

The morning dawned when I arose to peer out of my sun room window. In the calm serene air, the Goldenrod stood tall in the adjacent field. While competing foliage faltered and grew weary, the yellow gold of the Goldenrod was aglow proclaiming to be queen with its crown announcing, “it’s my time to shine”. The goldenrods, their beauty to behold in a field of dew. The unending sea of golden plumes in the distance begging for admiration. The waves of goldenrods like a carpet of gold. I must get a picture of this field of riches, my phone in hand, out the door I went to capture a snapshot of the golden garden. When I neared the field of Goldenrods, the bees were hustling, beginning their long day of collecting nectar to feed and maintain their hives while winter reigns. What a beautiful sight and a perfect time to quiet the mind and absorb this serene surrounding.

In harmony with natures best, I returned to the comfort of my sun room when suddenly a thought entered my mind. The Goldenrod proclaimed its rightful crown and fulfilled its purpose. The bees are fulfilling their mission proclaiming their hive worthy for the winter. We also must be the Goldenrod and the bees who fulfills our mission and arrives at our destination. To wander unprepared, lost in body and soul, leaves our mission incomplete and our destination unprepared. The lessons in nature are lessons in life.

I like to call Autumn the golden months. Let us prepare for our destination and fulfill our destiny just as the Goldenrods and the bees achieved their mission. On this beautiful Autumn day my most passionate inclination is to wish you the very best during the golden months of Autumn.

Ambitions Should Reflect Good Intent

Ambitions can be derailed by devious people but they should be pursued if they offer good results.

Should we have ambitions? Are they associated with a selfish desire to have more or a strong desire to have something we don’t need? Are they the result of an inquiring mind or internal want? As long as ambitions are not malicious toward others, they should be put into action.

We can be held back by peers or elders. Do they have good reasons, or are there inclinations to sidetrack us by those who are tainted by anxiety, crudeness, resentment, or other deficiencies? Let no one hold you back from your goal.

Whatever you start, put your heart into it, but realize nothing is forever. One may accomplish their goal only to realize it no longer matters. That just means you have come to the end of one iterest and are ready to take on another.

Ambitions should not determine a persons life. We are humans first and our ambitions are merely additions to our basic mission for compassion and survival. Fulfilling our goal should include the elimination of any distresss involved in attaining the goal.

Once our goal is accomplished there is nothing standing between us and our future desire to fulfill any ambition that challenges us to be our best. Ambitions with good intentions unite us all to share in humanity and they bring a sense of accomplishment that nourishes our heart. If we hesitate to pursue an ambition that has benevolent possibilities we may very well have lost an opportunity to make a difference in someones life.