Focus On Your Skills

Cannot bluff skills

It doesn’t make sense to focus on skills we lack instead of focusing on skills we are naturally gifted with. Our skills are often taken for granted and overlooked, everyone tends to worry about the skills and abilities they do not possess. If we use the skills we have, we can acquire new skills. However, learning new skills won’t help if we don’t use what we already have. Success is doing our best with what we have. Learn from the success of your skills that naturally flow from the interaction with people, places, and situations. Don’t let your skills become mistakes, make them become a resource that brings new skills. No one bluffs their way to success with skills they do not have. Everyone who got where they are, had to begin with where they were.

The Morning Awakens

wake with a plan

Our morning begins with the anticipation of a new start, a clean slate, and a new day. The moment we wake up, the process of getting ready for the day should shift into action.  

Always have a plan for each day by creating a strategy for success the night before. It only takes a few minutes each night to think about what must be accomplished the next day, whether it be a small step or a giant leap. Implementing your plan when you wake up gives one a purpose in life and a sense of accomplishment.  If you were to wake up with no plan, little would be accomplished and a person would not be prepared for the days events. No one feels great wandering aimlessly through the day accomplishing little and feeling depressed, life can follow a downward spiral without a plan for each day.

How unfulfilling it would be waking up to a new day tuned out. Nothing is accomplished wasting time while others reap rewards, find happiness and determine events that impact your life. We were created to accomplish great things, and to help others.

Make a commitment each evening to have a plan for the next day.  Take a few minutes to formulate a strategy for tomorrow and wake up with enthusiasm to carry out that strategy.  It is not hard to make a commitment that takes only a few minutes to enrich your life each day. Happiness and accomplishments do not happen without a plan. In fact, nothing happens if without a plan.

Sunday Greetings

start with a clean slate

Sunday greetings my friends, another marvelous week is upon us. Let this be the week we wipe the slate clean with a fresh start from negativity, from holding onto things we need to let go of, from denying personal responsibility, from giving up on difficult things, from not facing our fears and from not pursuing our dreams. May the excitement of this new week greet us with renewed enthusiasm for life. Lets rev up our motors and enjoy this week as we race into the excitement of feeling alive and useful. Stay awesome this week, let your light shine, your zest for life be contagious and your helpful, loving attitude be welcomed.

Good Friends

treasure good friends

Good friends are people we meet who unconditionally share fellowship and radiate genuine feelings of interest, love, and concern for us. Good friends always inspire, always trust, and always respect who we are. Good friends are some of our greatest gifts who remain by our side as we struggle with trials and tribulations. Good friends are people like you, who bring forth goodness from their heart to fortify our spirit and enhance our relationship with all that exists. Treasure good friends, for they will endure when others flee.