Blaming and Low Self Esteem

Blaming will not solve our problems and low self esteem must be overcome to find the magnificent core within us.

Developing the habit of blaming others seems to come natural. It is a weakness we all share occasionally. The patsies we use for our agonies can be ingenious and never ending. We have no problem blaming everyone when we encounter issues. If problems are created externally, they must be confronted in a way which brings resolution and progress without blame. If problems are created internally, the solution must come within, there can be no blame. Either way, we are in charge of determining how we ultimately deal with calamities. Blaming others will not resolve our problems.

Cultivating a habit to find excuses for low self esteem generates ineptness, perhaps because of faults we have adopted. Looking at our weaknesses and taking steps to eliminate them should be viewed as a project which cannot be taken personally. No one is worthless because they have taken steps to rise above their imperfections. Worthless is a term relegated to those who do nothing to perfect themselves. We all have a magnificent core, a special inside where purity is holy.

We are all born to find the magnificent core within us, when we reach for the holy spirit within our core, there should be no fault or no blame for others.

Ones Pattern & Picture, Your Responsibility

Your choice, either beautiful and on track or aimlessly in torment and drudgery.

The older we get, the more we become aware of aging. Recalling the excitement and innocence of our childhood becomes a task to recapture. When we look at earlier photos we are enamored by our youthful appearance and flawless face. Quickly we are reminded that we must acknowledge our aging facade. The passage of time is a realization we begrudgingly fall prey to.

All we have and all we do and think is registered within us and upon us. The pattern and picture of our life that emerges is up to us. There is no logical reason to go through life aimlessly and let thoughtlessness or randomness shape us. Surely as one embraces those acts, they will be severely weathered and repulsive. Our journey through time is up to us, it is our sole responsibility to emerge through the corridors of each moment beautifully and on track and not detour aimlessly into the vast expanse of torment and drudgery.

Have a beautiful day, it’s what you deserve. May the best be yours.

Comparing Your Life To Others

Do not compare your life to others

One of the fastest ways to feel inferior is to compare our life with someone we perceive to have a better life. We can’t really compare because we don’t know what is going on inside of anyones life and the way a person attained what they have has nothing to do with our own life. Life is somewhat about cleaning up the inferiorities we created ourself. We can’t get entangled in who is right or wrong, who is exceptional or offensive, or who has more or less. We can’t compare how much we have or who we are to anyone else. We just have to clean up our own feelings of inferiority, be happy for doing it, and everything will fall in place.

Inspiration Fails Without Motivation

Inspiration is nothing without motivation. We get sidetracked with procrastination, excuses, and laziness thus never following through with motivation. Inspiration and motivation must work together if goals are to be accomplished.

Inspiration and motivation are huge reasons for the success of the human race. Everyone enjoys the things we have today because someone was inspired and motivated to follow through with results. Without the duality of inspiration and motivation we would cease to exist. Our world would be one of emptiness because without inspiration and motivation working together, nothing can be accomplished. Lets start with inspiration and although we may be inspired we often fail to follow through with motivation due to negative choices. Then lets add motivation and see how inspiration becomes a reality.

Inspiration is a feeling of exaltation from a source which can prompt actions to achieve success. Inspiration by itself cannot accomplish anything, For example, we can be inspired to see the sun rise. However, if we are not motivated to get out of bed to capture the sunrise, we will miss it. Perhaps we can be inspired by a great speech, but if we are not motivated to act on the inspiration in the speech, nothing is accomplished. We can be inspired to lose weight, but if we are not motivated to reduce calories, change our diet, and exercise, nothing happens. The reason nothing happens is because procrastinating, excuses, and laziness becomes the easy way out of accomplishing a goal verses putting time and effort into achieving a goal. Lets take a look at how procrastinating, excuses, and laziness derails inspiration.

Procrastinating is putting off a goal due to a lack of motivation. Some contributing factors of procrastination are, lack of interest and an unwillingness to put forth the effort to accomplish a goal. Implementing an inspiration requires facts, effort, and determination. If we allow those traits to fade they can sabotage any progress toward success. Fear of failure can also contribute to procrastinating. Pouring resources and energy into an inspiration which results in failure can dampen ones spirit to proceed further. Lets not forget that many people have become successful through failures by never giving up.

Excuses are quite easy to manifest in order to justify laziness over motivation. Excuses and laziness are a deliberate effort which reflects a lack of initiative to accomplish an inspiration. Excuses and laziness are a conscious commitment to live life uneventful, unsuccessful, and uninspired. Some folks are happy to sit back and let others inspiration and motivation be a catalyst for them to coast through life accomplishing nothing meaningful and contributing nothing worthwhile. Although excuses or laziness may seem ideal and one may ride someones coat tail for a while, no one should count on others to bring success to one who is not motivated. Excuses and laziness becomes a contributing factor which leads to depression, dependency, and woe is me. The way out begins with realizing that in order to be motivated a person must take responsibility for their actions and for their environment. By doing so, one becomes motivated to improve there life. Nothing will get accomplished when inspiration is not followed with motivation.

To live an uninspired life is frankly due to lack of motivation. If one has trouble being motivated I suggest looking at life around you. Many people have unfortunate afflictions which prevent them from doing what you are capable of achieving. Yet others with disabilities and disadvantages may accomplish great feats through inspiration and motivation. We can look in every direction where folks are inspired and accomplishing their dreams. How can any able bodied individual be uninspired and unmotivated to live a happy, successful life? Do not be left behind in misery, self pity, or the need to get attention by procrastinating, by making excuses, or being lazy. This will only lead to resentment from others and an unwillingness to help those who do not show the desire to be motivated.

Now lets add motivation to inspiration and see how dreams come true. Motivation is the eagerness and the catalyst which advances ones enthusiasm to follow through with actions which complete an inspiration. Motivation comes from an internal desire to act on an intrinsic need to realize an inspiration. We can be motivated by others, by the written word, or by our own internal fire. Motivation can come from competition, it can come from failure, or it can come from anything which causes us to act on an inspiration. Life has to have inspiration and motivation to survive. The minute we are born we begin our journey of inspiration and motivation which sustains our life. From learning how to walk to learning how to run, inspiration and motivation are present in all accomplishments and provides us with tangible results.

In order to be successful in life we must have balance, that balance often comes in pairs such as day and night, ebb and flow of the tide, action and reaction, and so on. That example of pairs applies to inspiration and motivation. They must be balanced and work together with each other in order for success to prevail. If you are truly inspired about something, be motivated enough to follow through with actions which accomplish your goal. We all leave many opportunities on the table which start with an inspiration and ends with no action at the doorstep. Do not leave inspirations behind, try to imagine how your life would improve if inspiration was followed with motivation and results.

The excitement of embracing inspirations and following through with motivation to accomplish our goals brings satisfaction which encourages happiness and success. We are capable of more than we realize, our actions can bring forth outstanding results. Our world, our friends, and our family desperately need examples of inspired and motivated people who accomplish great feats. Why not strive to seek inspiration in our life and be motivated to triumph in all we take on? The legacy we leave from our accomplishments has the ability to lift others up to levels they may not have realized. We will be measured by future generations on whether our inspiration and motivation propelled our life and our world to be a better place. Our life depends on each and everyone of us to march onward with steadfast determination to be inspired and motivated. We can all make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others by being inspired and motivated to improve the things we thought we could not change.

Always wishing you the best, it’s my sincere wish for each and every person.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual growth does not happen over night, it is a daily regime that grows and matures over time.

Spiritual enlightenment is a daily routine. No matter how much we do today, we must move onward to the next day. Making strides is often slight and we feel our effort is useless. It becomes hard to start each day with renewed enthusiasm, yet that is exactly what we must do.

When we have the luxury of advice, know how, and the right conditions, the bulk of our focus should be on such a simple day to day awareness of these traits. They are the traits that can methodically contribute to our spirituality. No one ever soared to heaven in a single leap. Spiritually is attained by steady ascent, like a challenging trek to a mountaintop. The ascent is lengthy and the path is steep. It takes a lot of effort to get there, we should enjoy the view along the way and believe that the scene at the top will be absolutely astonishing. If we stumble, we must pick ourself up and continue on the path.

Victory in spiritual life comes from devotion everyday. This strong discipline sustains our climb to the summit.

Let It Go

If you are holding onto an idea that is outdated, let it go.

An old outdated image of ourself and old ideas brings some of the most unhappy moments in life, everybody struggles with this. We can hang on to our outdated lifestyle to keep friends who think like us, or we can hang on to a job we dislike in order to have a big house and a high priced car. Old ideas become comfortable because they fit our way of thinking. We become complacent and narrow minded which closes the door to new options.

Let us not forget we are all part of nature which progresses through the stages of creation, flourishing, withering, and death. At any stage, old ways may be dying and new ideas may be waiting to arise. When we hinder this cycle, we stifle any progress by clinging to ideas that are no longer useful.

There is no value in hanging on to outdated ideas or things that need to be let go of? What are we clinging to? Something we know is wrong? Perhaps an outdated idea? Maybe negative thinking? Is someone holding us back? Whatever it is, let it go. Releasing the old gives us the opportunity to embrace the new. With the new comes a greater understanding of ourself and a chance to accept fresh ideas. Rev up, seek out bold new ideas, and discover something refreshing that inspires a change to the old thought process. Sometimes the old becomes the new by being rediscovered and updated. Life passes us up unless we update our thought process. Even a computer releases the old for new updates. Shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

Material Possessions Did Not Fill My Emptiness

I was always looking for the next acquisition to fulfill the emptiness in my life but with each new acquisition the emptiness remained.

Have you ever experienced an empty feeling in your life? Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Do you wonder what your purpose in life is? Do you wonder why you are here on earth? If those are questions you seek answers for, they will not be found until you do a little introspection. I’ve searched all my life for the right combination of accomplishments and acquisitions which would permanently fill the emptiness in my life. I found that everything I achieved and obtained filled me with temporary happiness. I realized something was missing in my life. My question was, “what is the one thing I can do that will fill the emptiness in my life and give me fulfillment in my life”? The answer to that question came to me, it was one I often pondered but never committed to. I had the opportunity to obtain many things in life and also the opportunity to perform many roles in life, but I felt empty. I had to fill the void or be in conflict with myself the rest of my life. I am not a millionaire, I am not famous, I am not highly educated, nor have I conducted my life in any outrageous manner. Yet, my journey in life has provided me with some great opportunities. My experience with life affords me the opportunity to share what I’ve come to embrace.

My outer self was always challenging my inner self. My outer self told me to acquire every material thing I could afford and to seek the attention of others, while my inner self told me I was empty. I needed to reconcile what was on the outside with what was missing on the inside. I needed balance and harmony with my whole self in order to find true happiness. When I discovered the cure which filled the emptiness within me, I was able to find balance and fulfillment in my life.

There are many material opportunities that temporarily lift us up and give us moments of elation. We can have a nice house, great friends, a nice car, the best job, we can have everything material a person can desire and there would still be a void to be filled in our life. I can assure you none of those things filled the emptiness within me. A void existed in my life because I could not be fulfilled with material things on the outside. One can look at food, but they will not get full. One can have millions, but it cannot buy happiness. One can look perfectly normal and full of life on the outside, but be hollow on the inside. Material things always provide temporary peaks in life. Continuing to seek those peaks to find the true meaning and purpose of life will not give anyone the fulfillment they are looking for.

After listening to many testimonials, reading many books, yearning for my Christian upbringing as a child, and reviewing historical events in the bible, I knew the answer to my empty feeling was right in front of me. True inner peace and fulfillment came to me the moment I accepted the fact that God is the greatest power in charge of my life and Jesus Christ died for me so I could be forgiven and have eternal life. The empty feeling I had was due to ignoring my connection with my Spiritual Father who is the source which nourishes my body, soul, and spirit. Love for God is the cornerstone from which the emptiness in my life became filled. Putting the glory of God first in all I do fills my life with meaning and purpose. Learning and putting into action the word of God built an everlasting purpose and enthusiasm for my life. The empty feeling I had inside could not be overcome until I fed myself the word of God. Jesus died for my sins, I realized I didn’t have to carry my burdens. That didn’t mean I put my faith on the back burner and willfully continued to conduct my life in destructive ways. It means I have a responsibility to God, I have a responsibility to seek forgiveness and become a person that is filled with the spirit of God. When I became filled with the spirit of God, I lived according to Gods word. There is no greater feeling than to have a personal connection with God and to know life is eternal. The word of God was within me and the emptiness I felt was gone. When I sought and accepted the word of God, I knew my purpose in life, and I knew why I was here on earth. Gods love. presence. and abundance in my life filled the emptiness that material possessions could never fill. When I turned my attention to God I began to feel the love and guidance of a greater power. I was able to reconcile my outside self with my inside self.

Many people turn to God only in their darkest moments of despair. During times of great despair, God always lifts us up and guides us forward with a determination that sustains our life. If we turn to God in our darkest moments and God carries us through our despair, imagine our fulfillment if we put God first in our daily life all the time.

I faced many choices in my life. One of the biggest choices I faced was the choice of continuing a false sense of fulfillment through the accumulation of material possessions and egotistical elation or the choice of a true sense of fulfillment and happiness by accepting God and living according to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. The choice of material possessions or spiritual enlightenment determines a persons true success in life. My love for God and the scriptures of the Holy Bible filled the emptiness in my body, soul, and spirit and I became the fulfilled person I needed to be.

If you are empty and feel disillusioned about life, don’t be afraid to follow your spiritual path. There is no need to be reluctant about being in tune with your spiritual self because the elation you obtain will be everlasting regardless of the way others conduct their lives. Don’t be embarrassed to proclaim your faith in God. Resist the temptation to lay back and coast just because so many around you scoff and claim they don’t have time for God or don’t need God in their lives. Beware of peer pressure where people suggest devious ideas or provide opportunities that lead to bad decisions or instant gratification. Resist the temptation to be led into something you know is wrong. Power through all the daily bombardment of sensationalism in the media and television. Be your own person, make your own decisions and know that God is with you every step of the way. Do not pay any attention to people who ridicule, for it is the lowest element of disrespect. Pray for those people, treat them with kindness, and offer help and encouragement.

You are the only person that has the power to accept God into your life. Your personal relationship with God is between you and God. I know the conflict between the outside self and the inside self will not be reconciled until the spirit of God is accepted within. Do not waste another minute, the empty feeling within is waiting to be filled with Gods love. There is no embarrassment when one accepts in their heart what they know is right. If you are living according to Gods will, your actions and words will be your light. Your example has the potential to affect many people, so let your godliness be the beacon that attracts others to accept the word of God. Many people have an emptiness in their life, we have a responsibility to provide encouragement to fill that emptiness.

God bless you, I wish you the best

The Old You Or The New Me

Without a moral code of conduct to guide life, there is no reference point for living life. Embrace the moral code of holiness and become the new you.

Nothing can be gained from living without a moral compass. Ridiculous ideas, skewed logic, not caring about the difference between right and wrong are indications of life out of control. Without a moral compass whatever meets our immediate needs becomes the emphasis, negative behavior becomes the norm, greed and entitlement seems natural. The practice of thoughtlessness and narrow mindedness leads to a disconnect from others. Its hard to grow and flourish as a productive person in society if we cling to dishonorable behaviors.

Unacceptable behavior is not learned from good people who offer sound advice. Undesirable behavior comes from a conscious choice to be our own boss of morality. We choose not to listen to wisdom people present to us. The power to change our life from unacceptable behavior is simple. Changing is as easy as repurposing our life to align with the Almighty’s definition of justice and holiness. By making that positive change, a new person will be emerge and flourish.

Once deficiencies are corrected, deceit and dishonesty disappear. Suddenly the understanding of a greater purpose which is bigger than anything we have previously known comes into focus. We become useful to society, we begin to share our compassion and love for others. Correcting unscrupulous behavior dispels dishonesty and destructive actions. One has to always be aware that if the smallest crack appears in our conscious or spirit, the door is open to corruption and discord.

If goodness is embraced, our conversations and behavior will begin to elevate others so they may also experience enlightenment. There is nothing to gain from being contrite. Our willingness to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving will lead to living according to Gods will. I encourage everyone to strive for moral competence and to exhibit the behavior of an honorable person. If you are already the new me, awesome, let your light shine. If you are still the old you, consider the benefits of becoming the new me.

Be The Light In Someones Life

Helping people.

I see so many good people struggling each day to overcome perplexing situations which create emotional duress. The never ending bombardment of challenging circumstances each moment of every day saps our compassion, our spirit, and our willingness to conquer the challenges life presents. We all need someone to come forth to be the light in our life when we need help or when we need a little boost to make our day better.

Daily struggles can go unnoticed if one chooses to keep them bottled up, but doing so creates a myriad of emotional distress. Anything from depression, disgust, anger, or withdrawal from society is likely to happen. Other times we have the motivation to seek help to overcome the problems we face in life. Thats where you come in, I encourage you to become the light in someones life whether they are shy about discussing their troubles or whether they share with you the challenges they need help with. Let me talk briefly about three opportunities to reach out and be the light in someones life. 1) Embrace the opportunity to personally know the people in your life and listen carefully to what they say.  2) Embrace the opportunity to notice how one presents them self, are they depressed, are they confident, are they faced with a life long malady that has translated into withdrawal, are there other noticeable behaviors that beg for help?  3) Embrace the opportunity to make a genuine effort to smile and greet others with heart felt enthusiasm. All three scenarios offer the opportunity to take action and be the light in someones life.

Our first opportunity to help others is to reach out and put forth the effort to know people and to listen to people that we come in contact with.  We are all aware of the people we work with, the people in our friend circle, acquaintances we occasionally come in contact with, and our family. What if we developed an attitude of compassion and took the steps necessary to learn a little about each person. What if we offered to help each other when we face struggles?  Life would become much happier if we offered compassion and help to a person we know who needs a little boost to overcome their challenges. We all have strengths which lead us to excel while interacting with others if we just let our intuition flow naturally with kindness and sincerity. Never be afraid to step up to help someone in a way that brings out the best in you. Always believe in yourself and let the opportunity to know people and to listen to people be one of your strengths. Listening  to a person can often be the remedy for helping them get back on track.  I venture to say we all know someone who is struggling with challenges which begs us for an opportunity to help.  Opportunities are endless to help a person gain a little confidence, to help them get back on track, and to help them understand and develop a personal relationship with an all knowing, ever present power called God, who loves them, who encourages them, who takes their burdens, and who guides them with inspiration and knowledge to conquer any battle life brings. Let your light shine by taking a genuine interest in knowing the people in your circle whether they are friends, acquaintances, or family and let your light shine by sincerely listening to what they say.

Our second opportunity is to observe how people present themselves. I’m not talking about social status or personal appearance, I’m talking about how a person presents them self in regards to confidence and compassion for others. Are there subtle changes about how a person presents them self and are there drastic changes in a persons life that begs for an opportunity to help? Many people lack the confidence to overcome challenges in their life possibly due to circumstances beyond their control, or due to not being recognized, or due to not being appreciated by others. Life and individual choices have a way of knocking people down. Anxiety takes over and their ability to function at an optimum level is compromised. Its our duty to help someone overcome their challenges and to share knowledge which can instill confidence and give them the tools to navigate a fulfilling journey. Of course a person has to be receptive to receiving help or otherwise they cannot progress in life. However, never give up on a person for they may be the one who helps you in your time of need. Always strive to be a great example of how to live life and get along with others. Remember, someone may be impacted by your actions who you are not even aware of, so always put your best foot forward. The opportunity of observation can lead to lifting a person up so they are able to cope or resolve the way they present them self. If we commit to the opportunity to bring forth our light for others to aspire to, we will have made someones life a little happier.

Our third opportunity is to present an enthusiastic smile and a warm greeting which can initiate a wonderful difference in another persons day.  An enthusiastic and sincere expression of compassion indicates we care about someone and most people recognize that. Even if they do not recognize your compassion, never give up because eventually they may mellow and be much happier. It doesn’t take much effort to smile and say hello like you mean it. Be sincere, speak from your heart and be sure to show enthusiasm when speaking. There is something magical about a person who exudes happiness and enthusiasm for life. They are the people most of us want to associate with. I’ve had days I thought would never end until someone smiled and ask, “how is your day going”? Feeling uplifted that someone genuinely cared about my day encouraged me to make a nice change of my attitude. Sometimes all a person needs to make their day is for someone to recognize them with sincere enthusiasm. Happy people have an aura about them that says, “join me in happiness and put your worries aside”. We are here to help others and to bring a little sunshine into their lives for we are the light of the world.

Opportunities abound, there are literally countless opportunities every second and I encourage you to be aware of what you can do to help others.  Its easy to become self centered and concerned with our own lives while fostering an atmosphere that builds and feeds our own selfish ego with little regard for others. Fight the temptation to become self centered, because that thought process eventually leads to an island of loneliness. One of the most valuable assets we all possess is the ability to help others. Ability alone is not enough though, we must possess the willingness to step forward and be the light so many people desperately need. Lets not let others down by being darkness and showing an attitude of defeat, worthlessness, hatred, negativity, or any behavior that is not productive. Lets be the bright shining light that radiates help, love, and calm to others. So many people are in need of a shining light in their life and so many people depend on us to be the bright shining light in their life, let us not let them down.