Someone Is Waiting For You to Give Up

Never give up.

Never give up on anything positive you want to achieve, for the moment you do, someone else is waiting to pounce on the very thing you gave up on.

Why give someone the opportunity to prosper from from anything you are considering giving up on. Stay focused, drive on, push through, stay determined, and seek help to achieve your goal. Sometimes its helpful to step back, take a break, then jump back in and pursue your goal. A timely break can refresh the mind and evoke new ideas about accomplishing a goal. Sometimes we can bounce ideas off others to get their perspective on how to proceed. Sometimes we experience failure on the way to accomplishing a goal, this is not quitting, its merely a setback and fine tuning the plan we are pursuing. Once a goal is realized, doggedly stay on track and don’t let anyone steal your thunder or lead you astray.  A positive outlook and visualization of accomplishing a goal will help move one toward realizing their goal. Remember, all things are possible with the right mindset.

Consider for a moment, If one was to give up on their goal who would prosper and how would they benefit. Imagine someone taking your idea and seeing it through to the end, then realizing all the benefits of an idea you gave up on. Imagine how one might feel in light of giving up on a goal that was originally seen as achievable. The resulting sense of quitting can become a habit that rears its head in our everyday endeavors. Just the thought of giving up can be the tip of easing the drive to accomplish a goal.  Don’t let quitting become the easy way out accomplishing things you thought were not possible. Don’t let negativity stop you from going forward. Hard work and a passion for what you want will be the driving force which propels you forward.

Are there times when quitting is prudent, I would say yes. When we are being self destructive through negative habits or behavior, it may be time to revaluate ones direction in life. It may be time for an intervention to start anew with fresh goals that contribute to behaviors which nourish our body, mind, and spirit, as well as behaviors which benefits mankind.

If your goal is positive and its outcome is something that contributes to self improvement or to the betterment of society, never give up because someone else is waiting to step in and steal your dream.

Today is Not Every Other Day

The end is a beginning.

Today is a new day, let go of yesterday. Today is not like all the yesterdays regardless of how we perceive time. Each new day of our life is a day for a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to put new thoughts and ideas in motion. The excitement of waking up with a fresh start each day should propel us to initiate actions that fulfill our purpose for living. The opportunities in a day are endless, why waste one minute on boredom or self pity. Many folks suffer from circumstances they feel are out of their control. Never put off seeking help to overcome times of difficulty. Seek out friends or professionals who have the skills to help cope with difficult situations.  Strive hard to ignite the desire to overcome that which causes great pain and despair. It is never to late to pull ourselves up by the bootstrap and go about our day seeking to help others, to be kind, to gain one small slice of knowledge, and to keep in mind that in each minute of every day an opportunity is there for us. Every ending has a new beginning that sets in motion something new. The end is never the end unless we give up, even then there is a beginning.  Let nothing stop you from a new beginning today.

Things We Think We Need

Aquire that which doesn’t vanish.

Don’t worry about the earthly things in life which we think are needed. A person cannot add a one moment to their life by worrying. It is only natural to desire material things which we think will elevate us in happiness and self worth. But those desires are material and will  crumble and vanish in time, leaving us with a false sense of worth. External desires provide temporary happiness and cannot overpower the internal yearning for spiritual enlightenment if we are tuned into becoming a better person. Desire that which the eternal kingdom offers and desire the goodness which leads to happiness and self worth. Its worth putting forth the effort to acquire that which cannot vanish from within. For that which cannot vanish will be everlasting. Always wishing you the best.

Rejuvenation and Restoration of our Soul and Spirit

Meditation, prayer, and faith

Throughout life we face challenges that test our resolve. Sometimes our soul and spirit needs a little jump start to power through the low points in our life.  We can rejuvenate and restore our soul and spirit to help us face challenges and make adjustments.

When we haven’t nourished our inner self with the right knowledge, we will radiate negativity and flounder in misery. If we accept darkness and gloom through the window of our soul, expect failure and negativity. Our soul is the window to our existence, if we allow the light to shine in through the power of meditation, prayer, and the word of God we can expect to function at an optimum level. Our spirit drives us to triumph and to carry on in spite of difficult circumstances.  If our spirit is broken, our desire to carry on is deeply affected. Our soul and our spirit should function in unison to receive nourishment and replenishment in conjunction with Gods word in order for us to flourish. Once that renewal occurs, we realize there is a power in charge greater than ourself.

Let me take a moment to briefly discuss meditation, prayer, and faith.  Deeper and more detailed discussions exists on meditation, prayer, and faith, but these are my condensed thoughts from my heart.

Meditation offers us the opportunity to find a quiet space to clear our mind of outside influences and to engage in heartfelt contemplation.  Meditation is to ponder deeply in a purposeful manner to bring about resolution or understanding.  We can often rejuvenate and restore our soul and spirit with a renewed purpose or a renewed outlook about a particular scenario through meditation.  Take a few minutes each day to clear your mind and let the free flowing energy of the universe enter into you. Contemplate balance in life, realize your connection to all things, ponder the possibilities that radiance and goodness can bring, acknowledge problems and let solutions come forth with resolution, feel the divine power of God flowing throughout your body as you inhale and exhale in a methodical manner. Finally, never give up on the idea of meditating. Rejuvenation and restoration of our soul and spirit takes time. Allow time to be your friend until you can come to terms with any circumstances that create anxiety, or any circumstances that need resolution or understanding in your life.

Prayer offers us the opportunity to send forth a devout request to God. The power of prayer cannot  be underestimated. Prayer is a personal relationship with God for each of us. The unseen energy of prayer sent forth to God in the name of Jesus Christ can bring forth miraculous results, comfort, healing, understanding, and a strong sense of connectivity to God.  If we are strolling in companionship with God and learning the word of God,  we will begin praying in concurrence to the will of God,  then we will begin to see our prayers being answered.  Rejuvenation and restoration begins and ends with prayer. Embrace prayer, pray often, be open and honest when praying, be patient and let God work his wonders. Give prayer a chance and the changes within yourself and others will be quite amazing. People will begin to notice something is very different about you. That something is the rejuvenation and restoration of your soul and spirit radiating to the outside.

Faith offers us the opportunity to have unwavering confidence and trust in something greater than ourself. Faith has the power to bring forth something we cannot physically prove but something we spiritually believe can happen.  Faith is the cornerstone to success in life. If we have faith in all we strive for, our chance for success increases substantially vs no faith.  Our unwavering faith in God sets in motion a spiritual energy that can propel us to many successes in life. A strong commitment to faith will rejuvenate and restore our soul and spirit.  Always allow faith to be your friend, never give up on something you want to accomplish. A strong effort to fortify our faith keeps us moving forward during our rejuvenation and reconstruction process.

Life is always about the choices we make which determines our success and happiness in life. It is impossible to always make the right choice, sometimes we make several bad choices before we are awakened to the fact we are headed toward a big mistake or self destruction.  Our saving grace is when we realize we must rejuvenate and restore our soul and our spirit in order to function as an honorable, responsible, and productive person.

Our life is always under construction, we are on a journey that changes course frequently. Never give up on life in spite of difficult circumstances. Embrace life and its challenges, put forth your best effort, and take time to meditate, pray, and have faith. Our life has the opportunity to rebound from dire circumstances and move forward with a benevolent purpose. All we have to do is realize our inner self needs nourished.


thankful for the blessings

Small blessings can be found every day, but often we overlook them. We are busy, distracted and sometimes don’t feel well. Yet there are moments of glorious events in nature, life and our surroundings. These moments can be very up-lifting if we open our eyes and heart to the beauty and goodness that presents itself. Let us work hard to be on the lookout for the blessings in each moment. May we strive to appreciate the people who bring love and light to everyone they meet.

It’s easy to coast though life and miss the blessings each day brings. It’s convenient to be plugged in to technology that saps our energy and motivation to be thankful for the most precious moments. We can mindlessly coast through all of our days, never aware nor caring about the precious things we have missed. Is that what we want?

When our day is done, are we thankful for the splendid moments? When the old year is over and the new year begins, are we thankful for the glorious moments ? When we are old, do we cherish the splendid moments that brought us happiness? Are we regretful we we didn’t focus on the things and people we love most when we are old and alone?

Now is the time to discover and nourish our blessings, to be focused and dedicated with a loving heart so we can fill our encyclopedia with the blessings of life. An empty book contains nothing, no one wants their life to be something that is not recorded in the memories of their loved ones. Let us have no regrets, cling to our blessings, share our blessings and hold on to the precious moments that makes life worth living.