The Author of Our Life Story

Every story has meaning, but none is more important than our own life story.

We are in a position to be the author of our own life story. Distractions, misfortunes, bad decisions, and circumstances beyond our control contributes to our story. Our story is also affected by good decisions, circumstances we can manage, the realization of dreams come true, and the motivation to be the best we can be in all we do. The content of our story will never be perfect, but the ending can be perfect. Our story is being written, the author is us, lets make our story a good one.

Material Possessions Did Not Fill My Emptiness

I was always looking for the next acquisition to fulfill the emptiness in my life but with each new acquisition the emptiness remained.

Have you ever experienced an empty feeling in your life? Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Do you wonder what your purpose in life is? Do you wonder why you are here on earth? If those are questions you seek answers for, they will not be found until you do a little introspection. I’ve searched all my life for the right combination of accomplishments and acquisitions which would permanently fill the emptiness in my life. I found that everything I achieved and obtained filled me with temporary happiness. I realized something was missing in my life. My question was, “what is the one thing I can do that will fill the emptiness in my life and give me fulfillment in my life”? The answer to that question came to me, it was one I often pondered but never committed to. I had the opportunity to obtain many things in life and also the opportunity to perform many roles in life, but I felt empty. I had to fill the void or be in conflict with myself the rest of my life. I am not a millionaire, I am not famous, I am not highly educated, nor have I conducted my life in any outrageous manner. Yet, my journey in life has provided me with some great opportunities. My experience with life affords me the opportunity to share what I’ve come to embrace.

My outer self was always challenging my inner self. My outer self told me to acquire every material thing I could afford and to seek the attention of others, while my inner self told me I was empty. I needed to reconcile what was on the outside with what was missing on the inside. I needed balance and harmony with my whole self in order to find true happiness. When I discovered the cure which filled the emptiness within me, I was able to find balance and fulfillment in my life.

There are many material opportunities that temporarily lift us up and give us moments of elation. We can have a nice house, great friends, a nice car, the best job, we can have everything material a person can desire and there would still be a void to be filled in our life. I can assure you none of those things filled the emptiness within me. A void existed in my life because I could not be fulfilled with material things on the outside. One can look at food, but they will not get full. One can have millions, but it cannot buy happiness. One can look perfectly normal and full of life on the outside, but be hollow on the inside. Material things always provide temporary peaks in life. Continuing to seek those peaks to find the true meaning and purpose of life will not give anyone the fulfillment they are looking for.

After listening to many testimonials, reading many books, yearning for my Christian upbringing as a child, and reviewing historical events in the bible, I knew the answer to my empty feeling was right in front of me. True inner peace and fulfillment came to me the moment I accepted the fact that God is the greatest power in charge of my life and Jesus Christ died for me so I could be forgiven and have eternal life. The empty feeling I had was due to ignoring my connection with my Spiritual Father who is the source which nourishes my body, soul, and spirit. Love for God is the cornerstone from which the emptiness in my life became filled. Putting the glory of God first in all I do fills my life with meaning and purpose. Learning and putting into action the word of God built an everlasting purpose and enthusiasm for my life. The empty feeling I had inside could not be overcome until I fed myself the word of God. Jesus died for my sins, I realized I didn’t have to carry my burdens. That didn’t mean I put my faith on the back burner and willfully continued to conduct my life in destructive ways. It means I have a responsibility to God, I have a responsibility to seek forgiveness and become a person that is filled with the spirit of God. When I became filled with the spirit of God, I lived according to Gods word. There is no greater feeling than to have a personal connection with God and to know life is eternal. The word of God was within me and the emptiness I felt was gone. When I sought and accepted the word of God, I knew my purpose in life, and I knew why I was here on earth. Gods love. presence. and abundance in my life filled the emptiness that material possessions could never fill. When I turned my attention to God I began to feel the love and guidance of a greater power. I was able to reconcile my outside self with my inside self.

Many people turn to God only in their darkest moments of despair. During times of great despair, God always lifts us up and guides us forward with a determination that sustains our life. If we turn to God in our darkest moments and God carries us through our despair, imagine our fulfillment if we put God first in our daily life all the time.

I faced many choices in my life. One of the biggest choices I faced was the choice of continuing a false sense of fulfillment through the accumulation of material possessions and egotistical elation or the choice of a true sense of fulfillment and happiness by accepting God and living according to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. The choice of material possessions or spiritual enlightenment determines a persons true success in life. My love for God and the scriptures of the Holy Bible filled the emptiness in my body, soul, and spirit and I became the fulfilled person I needed to be.

If you are empty and feel disillusioned about life, don’t be afraid to follow your spiritual path. There is no need to be reluctant about being in tune with your spiritual self because the elation you obtain will be everlasting regardless of the way others conduct their lives. Don’t be embarrassed to proclaim your faith in God. Resist the temptation to lay back and coast just because so many around you scoff and claim they don’t have time for God or don’t need God in their lives. Beware of peer pressure where people suggest devious ideas or provide opportunities that lead to bad decisions or instant gratification. Resist the temptation to be led into something you know is wrong. Power through all the daily bombardment of sensationalism in the media and television. Be your own person, make your own decisions and know that God is with you every step of the way. Do not pay any attention to people who ridicule, for it is the lowest element of disrespect. Pray for those people, treat them with kindness, and offer help and encouragement.

You are the only person that has the power to accept God into your life. Your personal relationship with God is between you and God. I know the conflict between the outside self and the inside self will not be reconciled until the spirit of God is accepted within. Do not waste another minute, the empty feeling within is waiting to be filled with Gods love. There is no embarrassment when one accepts in their heart what they know is right. If you are living according to Gods will, your actions and words will be your light. Your example has the potential to affect many people, so let your godliness be the beacon that attracts others to accept the word of God. Many people have an emptiness in their life, we have a responsibility to provide encouragement to fill that emptiness.

God bless you, I wish you the best

Prepare For The Journey

Prepare for the journey.

Preparing for the journey of life gets us safely to our destination. Our journey and our destination are determined by the amount of preparation we put into it. One cannot expect a smooth journey in life nor can one expect to arrive promptly at their destination without proper preparation.

Preparing for our journey of life entails taking time to ensure the steps for arriving at our destination are in place. This means taking time to acquire the knowledge of where we are going and paying attention to the detail which will deliver us to our intended destination. It means having a contingency plan if things go awry in route to our destination. With the proper knowledge, we can develop a plan that will contribute to a smooth journey and a safe arrival. A good plan puts in place a feeling of security as we move toward our destination.

If we do not take time to acquire the necessary knowledge and detail about how to arrive at our destination, we can expect many obstacles that throw us off course. Once we are off course without a plan, the outcome can take many turns which we are not prepared for. That unpreparedness can lead us to be lost, or meandering aimlessly, or even worse it may put us in jeopardy of great loss.

Our journey of life can always arrive at its intended destination with sound knowledge and a solid plan. Time is available for all of us to ensure everything is in place for fulfilling our journey and arriving at our intended destination. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your journey, for those plans are apt to be haphazardly prepared and cause great anxiety.

Discrete and Anonymous


Happy are the people who do good deeds for the sake of being discrete and anonymous. There is a big difference between carrying out good deeds while remaining anonymous and carrying out good deeds with the intent of drawing attention.

I have always felt good deeds and hard work are noticed, appreciated, and rewarded without tooting our horn. The rewards derived from being humble may not be realized right away, but they will be bestowed upon us in due time. I’ve found if a person chooses to draw attention for their good deeds, their rewards are usually materialistic and not everlasting. Tooting our own horn with the intent of getting attention eventually results in others becoming resentful of the way we advanced our personal agenda. Always try hard to do things the right way with little fanfare. Yes its true, people do get attention and promoted based on how outrageously they sell their agenda and toot their boastful horn to others. However, let me say with great certainty those people are usually the ones who present themselves to be someone they are not. Their rewards are likely to have strings attached which results in more attention to fuel their ego.

The ego on the outside cannot be allowed to over rule the sanctity of the inside. If we go about our business in a way that honors who we are, there is no need to draw attention to one’s self because the happiness gained from any good deed is always recognized in unspoken and unseen ways. The unspoken and unseen affirmations of our good deeds will be rewarded in ways we physically cannot understand. If we are honest with ourself and present ourself as we are, we are not tooting our horn, rather we are presenting the truth.  Let us be humble, full of joy, and glad for great rewards which await us.

Focus On Your Skills

Cannot bluff skills

It doesn’t make sense to focus on skills we lack instead of focusing on skills we are naturally gifted with. Our skills are often taken for granted and overlooked, everyone tends to worry about the skills and abilities they do not possess. If we use the skills we have, we can acquire new skills. However, learning new skills won’t help if we don’t use what we already have. Success is doing our best with what we have. Learn from the success of your skills that naturally flow from the interaction with people, places, and situations. Don’t let your skills become mistakes, make them become a resource that brings new skills. No one bluffs their way to success with skills they do not have. Everyone who got where they are, had to begin with where they were.

3 Suggestions For Patience

Patience 3 steps.

Patience means showing restraint and diligence when engaged in activities or stressful situations. There are times when patience needs to be put aside for a more direct approach. Usually stress occurs when another person tries to forcefully impose their will on us in a way that disrespects who we are. That’s when our patience usually runs out. Let me suggest three things I use to help with my patience.

First. Take a second to collect your thoughts before reacting.  Resist the temptation to spout off or act impulsively. Think where you’re going with what you are about to say and how the outcome of what you say will develop. If you spout off without thinking, the battle is on. If you take time to think about how to diffuse a stressful situation and tone the aggressiveness down, it becomes a win for both parties involved.

Second. Tone of voice and sarcasm can escalate any situation into a heated exchange. Don’t be baited into an exchange that will escalate in yelling, cussing or disrespecting someone or yourself. Try to keep your voice steady, methodical, and at a conversational tone. Slow down, ponder if a situation warrants a heated exchange or if the situation in reality means very little concerning who is right and who is wrong. I find most of the time a heated exchange is not worth the outcome.

Third. Think of yourself as a good person, always take the high road. Think of those who are watching to see how you handle yourself in stressful situations. Remember your actions can potentially influence family, friends, children, or others how to react when presented with a stressful situation, whether it is real or perceived.

All three of the above suggestions happen quickly and efficiently with a little practice. Patience is a thought process that is developed over time with the desire to achieve the best possible outcome.


celebrate the journey

When we look back at our beginning, the day we were born. We could not have imagined our destination today. Our journey was focused on moving forward with a purpose and an untuned ear toward distractions that can derail the best of intentions.

The challenges along the way became rallying points to push onward with a determination that could not be extinguished. The years went fast, the years were a blast, we laughed, we cried, and we survived.  We could never let doubt or weakness rule the day, that was never an option.

We can celebrate today because new beginnings brought us hope, success, renewal and love. I believe we agree new beginnings can bring excitement, anxiety, failure or success. New beginnings are bound to come, let us celebrate the chance to reignite our zest for life.  We have much to accomplish, for new beginnings will never fail to present viable options to make the right choices for our life. A new beginning can either be viewed as an opportunity or a setback. Either way it’s a new beginning. Choose wisely because your choices will have consequences that impact your life in a way that determines your happiness.