Focus On Your Skills

Cannot bluff skills

It doesn’t make sense to focus on skills we lack instead of focusing on skills we are naturally gifted with. Our skills are often taken for granted and overlooked, everyone tends to worry about the skills and abilities they do not possess. If we use the skills we have, we can acquire new skills. However, learning new skills won’t help if we don’t use what we already have. Success is doing our best with what we have. Learn from the success of your skills that naturally flow from the interaction with people, places, and situations. Don’t let your skills become mistakes, make them become a resource that brings new skills. No one bluffs their way to success with skills they do not have. Everyone who got where they are, had to begin with where they were.

3 Suggestions For Patience

Patience 3 steps.

Patience means showing restraint and diligence when engaged in activities or stressful situations. There are times when patience needs to be put aside for a more direct approach. Usually stress occurs when another person tries to forcefully impose their will on us in a way that disrespects who we are. That’s when our patience usually runs out. Let me suggest three things I use to help with my patience.

First. Take a second to collect your thoughts before reacting.  Resist the temptation to spout off or act impulsively. Think where you’re going with what you are about to say and how the outcome of what you say will develop. If you spout off without thinking, the battle is on. If you take time to think about how to diffuse a stressful situation and tone the aggressiveness down, it becomes a win for both parties involved.

Second. Tone of voice and sarcasm can escalate any situation into a heated exchange. Don’t be baited into an exchange that will escalate in yelling, cussing or disrespecting someone or yourself. Try to keep your voice steady, methodical, and at a conversational tone. Slow down, ponder if a situation warrants a heated exchange or if the situation in reality means very little concerning who is right and who is wrong. I find most of the time a heated exchange is not worth the outcome.

Third. Think of yourself as a good person, always take the high road. Think of those who are watching to see how you handle yourself in stressful situations. Remember your actions can potentially influence family, friends, children, or others how to react when presented with a stressful situation, whether it is real or perceived.

All three of the above suggestions happen quickly and efficiently with a little practice. Patience is a thought process that is developed over time with the desire to achieve the best possible outcome.


celebrate the journey

When we look back at our beginning, the day we were born. We could not have imagined our destination today. Our journey was focused on moving forward with a purpose and an untuned ear toward distractions that can derail the best of intentions.

The challenges along the way became rallying points to push onward with a determination that could not be extinguished. The years went fast, the years were a blast, we laughed, we cried, and we survived.  We could never let doubt or weakness rule the day, that was never an option.

We can celebrate today because new beginnings brought us hope, success, renewal and love. I believe we agree new beginnings can bring excitement, anxiety, failure or success. New beginnings are bound to come, let us celebrate the chance to reignite our zest for life.  We have much to accomplish, for new beginnings will never fail to present viable options to make the right choices for our life. A new beginning can either be viewed as an opportunity or a setback. Either way it’s a new beginning. Choose wisely because your choices will have consequences that impact your life in a way that determines your happiness.