Don’t Associate Humility With Weakness

Even in humility, the time comes when we must put someone else in their humble place.

The old man sat on the same park bench every morning with the warm sun while the tranquil rays warmed his soul. He was alone now and the peaceful comfort of his surroundings afforded him the opportunity to reflect on younger days. Many people passed him offering good morning cheers each day. The old man had always taken care of himself and maintained his great physical condition. He was a humble man, never flaunting his physical skills.

One morning a middle aged hoodlum began to hassle the old man. Each morning the old man sat on the park bench minding his own business. The hoodlum became more aggressive with his taunts and thought he had someone who was gutless and faint hearted. The old man tried hard to avoid the confrontations day after day. Then the morning came, a cloudy day with a chill in the air. The hoodlum spoke no words and the assault began. The old man quickly overwhelmed the thug on this day with exceptional fighting talent. He had been a Golden Gloves Champion in his younger days and worked hard to maintain those skills throughout his life. His powerful skills were evident in front of several people who had gathered to witness the spectacle. Once the old man had shown himself, he retreated and was never seen at the park bench again.

We live in an aggressive world, it’s good to be invisible sometimes. There is no harm in going through life without boasting, being the center of attention, or making outrageous gestures. These will get the attention of others who will be at odds with us. Shrewd people get all they want without defiance or hate from others. They are able to navigate life for the benefit of accomplishing the deeds of their heart. They are able to remain in the background, out of sight and away from attention. Yet they carry out amazing feats.

In reality, it is unavoidable to go through life without turmoil which requires a person to justify their honor, morality, and values. During those times, we must call on all of our abilities and perform to the best of our competence. In those moments, there is no time think about ideology and being humble.

When the time comes for defense, perform swiftly, do what must be done, and when it’s all over, there is no need to boast. Retreat to the solitude of peacefulness within and fade into the background. For it is there in humility that the greatest things in life are accomplished.