The Old You Or The New Me

Without a moral code of conduct to guide life, there is no reference point for living life. Embrace the moral code of holiness and become the new you.

Nothing can be gained from living without a moral compass. Ridiculous ideas, skewed logic, not caring about the difference between right and wrong are indications of life out of control. Without a moral compass whatever meets our immediate needs becomes the emphasis, negative behavior becomes the norm, greed and entitlement seems natural. The practice of thoughtlessness and narrow mindedness leads to a disconnect from others. Its hard to grow and flourish as a productive person in society if we cling to dishonorable behaviors.

Unacceptable behavior is not learned from good people who offer sound advice. Undesirable behavior comes from a conscious choice to be our own boss of morality. We choose not to listen to wisdom people present to us. The power to change our life from unacceptable behavior is simple. Changing is as easy as repurposing our life to align with the Almighty’s definition of justice and holiness. By making that positive change, a new person will be emerge and flourish.

Once deficiencies are corrected, deceit and dishonesty disappear. Suddenly the understanding of a greater purpose which is bigger than anything we have previously known comes into focus. We become useful to society, we begin to share our compassion and love for others. Correcting unscrupulous behavior dispels dishonesty and destructive actions. One has to always be aware that if the smallest crack appears in our conscious or spirit, the door is open to corruption and discord.

If goodness is embraced, our conversations and behavior will begin to elevate others so they may also experience enlightenment. There is nothing to gain from being contrite. Our willingness to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving will lead to living according to Gods will. I encourage everyone to strive for moral competence and to exhibit the behavior of an honorable person. If you are already the new me, awesome, let your light shine. If you are still the old you, consider the benefits of becoming the new me.