Steves Sailing Poem

Sailing Poem.

Evening came over the ocean with a haze, the distant horizon seemed ablaze.

Onward we sailed to the edge of the earth, only to realize there was a never ending girth.

The ocean was smooth, we were in the groove.

There was a peaceful calm, in spite of the balm.

Our Captain with his watchful stare, as the sails collected the air.

The stillness of our sailboats motion, skimming the ocean without any commotion.

 Morning came with a rising star, we could see the the dock from afar.

We approached the marina, there was no sign of Katrina.

 Ahoy a pub, lets have some rye, they served us grub, we cannot lie.

Now we are fat, so its off to nap.

Such a beautiful day, we hit the hay.

We always have fun, the adventure’s never done.

Cheers to the whales, the journey never fails.

Our Captain was the best, we knew he was blessed.